Listening to a singer
Pouring her heart and soul
into a melody.

Sinking into
the words of the music
of the song she is singing.

So quiet all around me,
just the singer playing her song.
Audience was mesmerized by the emotion
she is conveying.

An artist painting her masterpiece
with vocal tones
and strumming melodic chords.

Effortless, heartfelt, beautiful.




Warm spring day
Sun shining brightly
to highlight Earth’s bouquet…

A peaceful pastoral scene
Wildflowers vastly replacing
massive fields of green…

Golden wild marigolds
Sprinkled with dainty chamomile
the beauty I now look upon
appears whimsically surreal…

Warm spring day
Gentle breeze is blowing
all worries far and away…

Lost Love (Terza Rima)


I learned to be alone before we met
And then you surprisingly walked into my life
I sensed that our meeting was kismet…

Sharing our dreams, thoughts and our love
Knowing every little quirk and crevasse about you
I was so very proud to call you my beloved ….

What has happened since those days of long ago?
Sitting close, talking until dawn, snuggling side by side
Wondering if we could have worked it out, instead of letting go?

One thing in my heart is very clear
I hope you are happy and doing well
And you will be held in my heart forever dear…



The act of giving unconditional love to another is trying
Such a range of emotions to be felt…
From laughter, aggravation to crying
Unconditional loving is playing Life’s cards that are dealt…

Early in love, our feelings were uncomplicated
So much love, trust and attention to give…
When problems arise, our union becomes unconsolidated
That is the precise point, we forgive…

We forgive one another for not being perfect
And having human flaws
Remembering how blessed we are,
Reminiscing how strong our love was…

It is on that strong foundation
We begin to build our beautiful love back..
Unconditional love requires work and patience
Yet, over our time together…
We are willing and striving to keep our pact.

Elixir of Green


The magical elixir of green
brings us relaxation while we
take in the beautiful jade ravine…

From being a child to watching my daughter
enjoy the sugar white sands
and bathe in the warm sun.
There is not a pleasure like it,
not a one…

Dipping into the rhythmic waves,
to feasting on shrimp and seafood
and listening to the roaring waves
as we walk along the seascape…

Drifting along as the waves rise and fall…
The sensation of the elixir of green
is something she and I look forward to
All year long….