Reminds me of my dads second home. Love the imagery. Enjoyed!



I watched a winter sunset
From the beach on the long mile
Marvelling at its wonder
I stayed there for quite a while

The wide expanse of sea-washed sand
Glistened in the glare
And once again I breathed a prayer
Of thanks for living there

But then as tide began to turn
The cold winds gathered strength
So I put a best foot forward
And walked back along its length

But I will return again this way
For I can never tire of this
The beach, the sea, the sand, the surf
My idyllic seascape bliss


The ‘long mile’ is the colloquialism for a stretch of beach between a trapped tidal lake called ‘Widewater’ and Shoreham Beach in West Sussex, UK. At low tide, a wide expanse of sand borders the pebble beaches affording spectacular sunset views, as you can see from the photo above.

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