Once Upon A Time…

Absolutely vivid and lovely imagery😃 Truly enjoyed this Eliana..


Once upon a time
There lived a young girl
And she went on so
Many adventures.

One day as she walked
She happened upon
A fogged, pitch black woods
Which chilled her through bones.

For a long while
As she traveled by
She never approached
The darkened forest.

Pretending always
It did not exist
She continued on
Her merry ventures.

Still something called her.
Behind twisted trunks
A dull light casted
Grays between the trees.

She stared at the dark
Feeling terrified
But oddly compelled
To enter the woods.

And so she walked in.
Sinister prospects
Haunted all her steps
Whispering lies.

She fell far away
Warding off it all
Every voice saying
She would only fail.

She stayed on the ground
Curled into a ball
Without anywhere
She could see to go.

Then a light shone through
But only a hint.
This guided her though,
Enticed her to rise.

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