Gratitude – Understanding Our Past, Peace for Today , Vision for Tomorrow


We are assured and know that [[a]God being a partner in their labor] all things work together and are [fitting into a plan] for good to and for those who love God and are called according to [His] design and purpose Romans 8:28

“No matter how messy our “mess” is, God is good and works everything to His Purpose”  Joyce Meyer

Woke up feeling frustrated. Have you had those mornings? Thinking about a million things. Wondering what’s going to happen? Wishing that things were different? yada yada. Well, that was me today. In the midst of applying for a teaching license, getting paperwork together, applying for teaching positions, I felt a sense of frustration. Wish I knew what was going to happen “NOW” this instant! Why can’t God work that way? lolol

So after spending some time on paperwork this morning, I decided, after putting it off for a while, to do the treadmill. . And “lo and behold” – Joyce Meyer was talking of having “gratitude” instead of complaining about our circumstances! Was she talking to ME? 🙂

We can choose to focus on the obstacles in front of us or we can choose to focus on progress we have made, through God’s support and love. He wants us to grow in the midst of frustration and “waiting” (isn’t my strong suit – is it yours?).  However, if we look back when we “seek His will” things work out. Maybe not in “our” time or in “our” way but all things work together for His purpose.

Father God – Thank You for knowing so much more about our lives, our circumstances than we do.  Remind us  to have faith in You instead of grumbling because things aren’t going the way “we want them to”.  Help us to focus on the things  that You have given us and being grateful for today. Amen


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