Children – The Absolute Best Valentines Gift from God

And the child grew, and waxed strong in spirit, filled with wisdom: and the grace of God was on him. Luke 2:40

I DEFINITELY do not claim to know the mind of God – by ANY means. However, don’t you know he was and is so very proud of His Son? That he reveled in His Son’s love for mankind and the wisdom that he bestowed to others about love, redemption, forgiveness and living?

What an example we have for parenting! He loved His son so much, yet loved us too. He allowed his son to die so that we may accept him and have eternal life…Very difficult to see His Son in such pain for such an important purpose.

I think (though not perfect) that we have a portion of that love for our kids. We love them so much, its so easy to “brag” (yes brag – I admit lol) about their accomplishments, their hearts and what they do. But I guess the greatest thing we can teach and see about our children is the “love they give others”. Maybe, hopefully we have influenced them to be good, caring individuals – productive and making a difference…

Thank you Shelbye for giving me my best Valentine and being a daughter that I am so proud of!


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