An example of “Bromance” before it was cool… :-) Tribute to Danny Latham

Danny Latham – definitely knew the secret of how to have lemons and turn them into lemonade…



I went to a visitation of Danny Latham. We arrived early and it looked like alot of people had that idea lol. Walking into the visitation with my dad, Irvin and stepmom; my mind was flooded of memories about Danny and Patty and their relationship with my dad and mom many years ago.


Images of our families going to Florida every summer. Danny acting so funny, never meeting a stranger. And Dad – laughing, laughing, laughing. Never a dull moment when Danny was around.   Remembering the times mom and dad going on cruises with Danny and Patty. Mom always snapped tons of pictures all with stories to tell of Danny and Dad’s antics.


Memories of my mom, dad, Danny and Patty playing cards every weekend. Funny thing about Danny and dad; even though they knew one was going to scare the other when they got together – they acted like it scared them like crazy.  Funny….


Danny brought out the best side of dad =  relaxed, and having a ball..  Dad told me one time “Everybody should have a “Danny” that they can let there hair down with and have fun”.  It was nice to see that  friendship between the two  of them.


As the years went by, my mother past away – which was a big blow for all of us that loved her so much.  Danny and Patty didn’t come over as much. However, I know that Dad and Danny, kept in touch and I knew they were close.  A friendship that weathered changes.


I overheard dad talking with another man that knew “Danny” very well. He said “If you can count the number of close friends on your had you have done well. Danny was one of mine. He knew me warts and all. We kept each other laughing and loved each other all the same”.


Rest in peace – Danny Latham. We will sure miss you. And keep mom in line up there, will ya? 😉




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