Brokenness Leads to Blessing

I was doing the treadmill and listening to Dr. Charles Stanley. His message was on “Brokenness Leads to Blessing”. In his message, he talked about how brokenness in his life led to more devotion, more dedication.

” It’s difficult to discern the blessing in the midst of brokenness. Certain circumstances in life hurt, at times so intensely that we think we will never heal. After brokenness, we can experience God’s greatest blessings. The dawn after a very dark and storm-wracked night is glorious. Joy after a period of intense mourning can be ecstatic. Brokenness is what God uses to replace our self-life with his desires and intents for us. Its end is blessing far greater than we could ever discover apart from being broken. It’s spiritual maturity and joyous intimacy with God. Greater depth and power in our ministry to others. New dimensions of freedom, strength, and peace. And a wholeness that comes as God himself reassembles us into someone more closely resembling Jesus Christ. ”

Isnt it difficult to imagine Dr. Charles Stanley having difficult times? But, come to think of it; many people I look up to today have “hit their low”, “been broken” , etc. They have chosen, with God’s grace and love to move forward, to receive blessing. Not an overnight process but it can happen.

Father God – Thank you so much for Your grace and love as we go through difficulties. Remind us that, if we look at ourselves honestly and make changes to improve through You, that you will provide the blessing. Help us to lean on others when we are in the midst of these changes – to help us to be accountable and honest with ourselves and You. Amen


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