Assertiveness for Christian Women

“but speaking the truth in love, we are to grow up in all aspects into Him who is the head, even Christ”. Ephesians 4:15

Can a Christian woman be assertive? I believe that we, as women, get mixed messages from society. It is so easy to believe in the peace-making, loving, loving others more than self example that mostly we strive to be.I reflect on my mother. Wow, was she ever assertive Christian mother lol. But, for the most part, she had a level head but spoke her mind if she felt things weren’t right. Family and friends truly “respected” her for that quality.   There is a time for being assertive. Assertiveness is standing up for dignity, self worth, service and true spiritual values in the face of a worldy, self-seeking system in today’s society. It is refusing to be to be walked all over, or to be a “Christian doormat” because there is  work to accomplish, for God, for things in our lives. Sometimes, its “standing up” for yourself or something you strongly believe in when others are looking after themselves. Its having values and believing in them . There are several examples of “strong women” in the Bible. It would be great to highlight them more, wouldn’t it?

Someone that caught my eye this morning is Deborah, only female judge and prophetess in Israel. Deborah, with the help of a man named Barak,  led Israel to victory over the Canaanites. The leader of the Canaanite army was a man named Sisera and Deborah played a major part in defeating him. (Judges 5) Deborah is one of the oldest examples of fighting women. The story of Deborah shows that a woman can have a mind and can help others in hard times and that she could stand up for what she believes in. She is a leader for women everywhere, proving to us that women can do everything that men can. While her people were in battle Deborah still praised the Lord and kept in mind that it was God who was helping her people fight. The balance of assertiveness and “prayerfulness” and “” helped Deborah to fight and to succeed for what she felt God wanted her to “fight for”.


Challenge for today: With prayerfulness, ask God to help you be bold and truthful with your words. Think about the values that you hold most high. Ask God if these values are “self seeking” or truly things that he would want you to stand up for as a Christian. If you feel peace and an urging to speak boldly about what you truly believe in, do it. Pray for the right time. Pray that others will understand and do what they believe is truly what God would have them to do. Pray that this honesty will help the relationship grow in respect, love and consideration. Amen


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